Microsoft Office 2019 Home and Student for Mac

Microsoft Office 2019 Home Student for Mac

Microsoft Office 2019 Home Student for Mac is a great option for students and anyone that needs to use Office applications. Microsoft understands that it is stressful enough being a student. Now, you can do your work with utmost convenience and efficient.

It includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote; giving you all of the tools you will need to create documents and presentations for your projects and assignments. It is a simple and one-time download, one-time purchase, available for one Mac device.

Applications that You Love

Microsoft Office 2019 Home Studentcomes with the applications that you already love. Microsoft has included all of the essential applications that you will need to succeed as a student.

Word allows you to create documents, edit them as needed, and share them with others.

Excel is the best spreadsheet program that you can download, making it easy to organize and track any data that you may need. PowerPoint allows you to create stunning slideshow presentations, loaded with lots of features. You can add music to your presentation, different graphics and effects, making you an amazing presenter.

OneNote allows you to keep track of all of your notes that you may have. You can create to do lists, checklists, and even share them with your classmates. If you missed a lecture, they can share their notes with you from anywhere!

Take Your Work with You

With Office Home Student for Mac, you can save all of your documents and presentations to OneDrive, giving you access from anywhere. So if you have a presentation you need to give at school, you can finish it at home, and present at school by logging into your OneDrive account.

OneDrive also allows you easily send any documents to someone in no time. If you have a paper that is due, and you’re afraid you might miss the deadline, you can easily send it to your teacher with just the click of a button.

Work Together

One of the best features of Office is being able to share your work with others. With Office, you are able to share your work, and allow others to edit and add any information that may be needed. This makes doing group projects much easier. Many people have busy schedules, and this allows you to work together without actually being together at the same place.

  • Available for one user on one Mac system
  • Includes Word, Excel, OneNote, and PowerPoint
  • Easily share work with others, allowing for additions or editing
  • Able to take documents with you, using OneDrive
  • One-time purchase
  • Create documents and presentations easily

System Requirements

  • Memory: 4GB of RAM
  • Hard Disk: available disk space of at least 10GB
  • Operating System: one of the three latest versions of macOS
  • No graphics requirements
  • Processor and Computer: intel processor
  • Display: 1280 x 800 resolution
  • Must be connected to the internet at time of download
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